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How does the door closer adjust the closing force?


Adjust the closing force of the closing door is to adjust the closing speed,

Power when the speed is fast,

Small force behind the door closers slow speed.

The door closers adjust the closing speed is

Through the two hydraulic valve independent control of two door closers closing speed,

For full hydraulic control.

  How does the door closer adjust the closing force?


step one:

Door closers can only be installed in the upper part of the door near the hinge side of the body without the speed of one end of the screw, facing the hinge, otherwise, the goalkeeper can not open, if forced open, the door closers, doors and door frame that slot will be destroyed, Use four screws to fix the body to the door, and then put the lever into the top of the gear shaft, the other end of the cap, tighten the fastening screw.


Step two:

Install the connecting rod with two screws to secure the connecting rod to the door frame. The hand-held connecting rod is at right angles to the door frame. Loosen the lock nut, adjust the connecting rod to fit the length, gently press the lever so that the lever pin is inserted into the hole at the end of the connecting rod, check the connecting rod at right angles to the door frame. Place the washer and fasten it with a round head screw. Lock the nut and install it.


Step three:

Adjust the closing speed to close the door has been adjusted, if you need to change the speed, according to the icon turn the speed control screw.


(2) Precautions


A exterior door top door closers are not suitable for bidirectional open doors.


B Speed ​​adjustment screw controls the switching speed of the door. Turn clockwise slowly and counterclockwise to fast.


C door closers should be filled with antifreeze oil after 1 year. When refueling, screw out the oil hole screw, you can refuel, the oil will tighten the screws.


D The rest of the screws and sealing parts are not free to twist to prevent oil spills.

Built-in door top door closer


(1) Construction: The built-in door spring is composed of a hydraulic buffer spring mounted on the door leaf and a slide rail and a slide and a link mounted on the door frame. Since the door-mounted door closers are installed in the slots of the door leaf and the door frame, the door does not affect the appearance of the door when the door is closed. It is suitable for use in high-end hotel rooms on the door.


(2) Principle: the hydraulic buffer spring to the link a recovery torque, so that the link away from the hinge in the direction of rotation, so as to drive the slider in the slide at the same time to move away from the hinge to achieve the purpose of closed doors. There is a temporary locking card at the front of the slide, and when the door is opened to the right angle position, the slider moves to the side of the hinge, which locks into the tongue of the slider and locks the door temporarily in this position.


(3) installation points


A in the door frame, fan in place before the first door in the top of the door and the door frame at the bottom of the threshold line.


B Then install the hydraulic buffer spring in the slot before installing the doors and windows, and screw the slide into the door slot.


C door frame, the fan is fixed and then fixed with a nut on the spring shaft.