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Common closed door technology analysis!



1. Installation of door closers


Door closers Before installation, the user should read the installation instructions and install and use them according to the installation instructions.

Installation, be sure to ensure that the installation size, the correct connection, the screws should be fastened and reliable, flexible joints, and doors without friction phenomenon exists.

The main arm must be required to press the manual to ensure that the effective closing and locking door strength, the main arm preload, the connecting rod vertical door plane (door closed state) is appropriate.

2. What are the issues to consider when choosing a door closer?

Select the door closers should be considered before: your door weight, door width, the use of requirements and the use of the environment. door weight and door width is the choice of the principle of the door closer model, the general weight of the small selection of small models, so that the door is very easy to open the door, the installation of the door is also coordinated and beautiful, followed by small products in general More economical. vice versa. Regardless of the frequency of the door is not high, the door closers must meet:
A, is required to close the door sealing is better, no oil, the key is sealed technology and material.

B, is required to close the life of the door closer. So as to ensure long after the installation, the normal use, reduce maintenance, update the workload and costs, but also feel the convenience of the door closer products and enjoy.

Requirements include:


(1). Whether the need to open the door after the automatic stop function;

(2) Damping Buffer Function: Quickly open the door to a certain position after the damping buffer, and the damping of the buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the use of self-use; This function is used to prevent the door quickly when the door or lock the wall, or emergency Escape to prevent people in the fast open when the weight loss and leaning forward.

(3). Delayed slow closing: the door from the door to the maximum position began to slow down slowly, according to the requirements of the optional stepless adjustment. Suitable for access to the ordinary and many places, especially the hospital, the elderly, children and disabled access to the door and channel use.

(4). Closing force adjustable function: you can use the door in a wide range of doors and doors on a wide range of different doors to install, and because of environmental reasons to close the door more resistance. Free stepless adjustment can be satisfied with the closing force, especially practical in the coastal city, the ship due to wind resistance to change the resistance often change the place.

(5). Use of the environment: fire requirements (

fire requirements), antifreeze requirements (the northern winter minus 35 degrees of the place).   3. gate weight or the size of the door?   

Selection depends on the weight of the door and the door width to choose:

Closed force model
Applicable door weight range (Kg) Applicable maximum door width (mm) Example   1,15-30 950
Fire doors, wood, aluminum alloy glass doors   2,25-45 1000
Fire doors, wood, aluminum alloy glass doors   3,45-65 1100
Common steel security door, tamper door and so on   4,65-85 1200
Common steel security door, tamper door and so on   5,85-120 1400
Medium steel door, security door, tamper door   6,120-180 1500
Heavy-duty steel door, security door, tamper door   7,150-200 1600
Heavy-duty steel door, security door, tamper door   4. What should you pay attention to when installing the door closer?  


(1) Before installation, read the installation instructions. <2> (2) Follow the instructions and instructions to install, according to the direction of the door to choose the installation of the template or installation drawings to provide you the size of the installation; <3) After installation, check that the fixing screws are fastened and do not have loose or no solid phenomenon.

(4) Open the door to the maximum door position, check whether the door cutter arm with the door or door frame collision and friction.
(5) At the factory, all the speed and power settings of the door closer are set in the normal state. If you need to adjust, please adjust the speed control valve and closing force as required until you are satisfied. (6) Note: All speed control valves must not exit (or above) the main body surface of the door closer to prevent the valve from falling off under pressure, causing the hydraulic oil to leak, causing the door closer Can be used normally.
(7) Recommendation: In the newly installed door closers in the use of 7 to 10 days or so, all the screws and then tightened again. If there are conditions, please install the professional installation staff.
5. Now on the market more products, how to choose the right product?
According to the conditions of use, the choice of suitable door closers, such as the northern region or the country, should use low condensate oil pressure behind the door; fire safety requirements, should use fire door closers; have closed the requirements of the power can be adjusted, Choose adjustable power behind doors and so on. Of course, because the country is not currently relatively strict and standard specifications, now closed door market is chaotic, the quality is also uneven, such as high oil leakage, short life, regulating valve adjustment is not sensitive, hydraulic oil can not achieve fire or Antifreeze requirements and so on quality problems.